Definition of Recovery From Addiction

The First Step
The first step of the recovery process is attending a medical detox center to remove a substance safely from your body. Royal Life Centers at The Haven will restore your health completely, focusing on physical and mental effects of substance or alcohol use disorder. Our therapy allows guests to uncover the root cause of their substance use disorder, discover their true self, and gain an invaluable awareness.

Mental illness is a ‘family affair’; all members of the family deserve whatever support they need to cope and thrive. Addiction recovery affords individuals with the ability to change destructive behavioral patterns such as selfishness. Addiction therapy can help individuals identify such negative behaviors and work to change them through the therapy process.

2 Substance use history and status at follow-ups

As long as you are in Recovery, you are not actively suffering from the disease, though it may still impact you in many ways. People can stay in Recovery for their entire lives because there is no “cure” for addiction. While you can sustain treatment for a long time, you can’t take a pill that magically ends your addiction. Gamblers Anonymous – A 12-step peer support group for those who struggle with problem gambling and have the desire to end the behaviour.

Family intervention – A meeting, often facilitated by a professional, during which family members and loved ones of an individual with addiction confront the individual and persuade them to enter treatment. Family illness (disease of addiction) – Addiction is referred to as a family illness. It affects the entire family system as a whole and all members within it. Moreover, those who do quit nonmedical use and stabilize on an appropriate dose of these meds can drive, connect with others and work as well as anyone else.

Recoverlution’s Glossary of Recovery Words & Phrases:

Both these cases can include diseases that are easily controlled by medications, like HIV and diabetes, as well as diseases that come in the form of seizures, like asthma or migraine. As mentioned above, sickness is not solely reflected by the recognition and support which society offers to the ill or diseased individual, but also reflects social costs that come with some conditions, like stigmas and discrimination. Patients with well-controlled HIV, who no longer feel ill, still carry the virus and, in many cases, the stigma. The dictionary defines recovery to mean a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength; also defining recovery as the action or process of regaining possession of control of something stolen or lost.

what does it mean to be in recovery

Table 1 specifies the twelve different cases where such a discrepancy between the biomedical, phenomenological and social perspectives can occur. In the following, I will discuss and give examples that correspond to the cases in Table 1 of how one may recover in various ways as seen from the different perspectives mentioned, but still be ill, diseased or sick. Through the addiction recovery process individuals learn how to set appropriate boundaries, how to have healthy and meaningful relationships, and how to be more assertive and honest in their communications. The people that are let in are often one’s built upon mutual respect and trust; letting go of “using friends” or “drinking buddies” that were merely negative influences. Learning the importance of healthy relationships and how to set appropriate boundaries is regularly taught by addiction professionals in alcohol and drug treatment centers. Let us have a look at some examples of the four possible relations between ST1 and ST3.

N – Addiction recovery terms

In other cases, individuals may be considered sick, even though there has never been a medical diagnosis (12) or they are no longer diseased (8). What are your personal goals right now in regards to drug and alcohol use? We asked this item because we wanted to determine whether personal goals were similar to or different from definition of recovery. Some people also benefit from medication-assisted How to Choose a Sober House: Tips to Focus on treatment, depending on the type and severity of their disorder. There are evidence-based, medication therapies that have been found effective to alleviate the symptoms of certain mental health and substance use disorders. Researchers in the field of psychology have also found that one thing that brings people pleasure is finding meaning in their life (see #1).

The instrument included the Addiction Belief Inventory (Luke et al., 2002). One item from the instrument is used in this study, “Recovery is a continuous process that never ends” (answer categories strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree). The measures describe below were obtained from all participants at F1 and F2, regardless of self-described recovery status.

A to Z of Addiction Recovery Words, Terms & Phrases

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Family support groups – Support groups centred on supporting family members and loved ones of those with addiction. I’m in recovery
I’m an addict in recovery
I’m clean and sober
I’m a recovered addict
I’m a recovering addict. Medications for opioid use disorder are safe, effective, and save lives.

what does it mean to be in recovery

During an overdose crisis that killed more than 90,000 people in 2020 alone, a better understanding of how people really do overcome addiction is essential. The arrows under the four colour blocks suggest a continuum, with movement in both directions along the continuum, indicating that there is always the possibility for a return to full health and functioning. In this way, no one is written off simply because they are showing symptoms of an illness, or are being treated for a disorder or disease. There is also a recognition that the earlier that intervention of some sort is provided, the easier it is to return to full health and functioning (green). As noted above, recovery is very unique and there are multiple pathways to recovery. Each individual’s recovery journey will look different, and the road they towards recovery will be highly personalized.

Our detox treatments can be either a 4 or 8 day stay, depending on the condition and symptoms of our guest. Upon arrival to our medical detox center, guests are evaluated for their symptoms and assessed for any co-occuring disorders. Substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder can produce life threatening side effects if they are abruptly removed from the body, which is why our addiction treatment center offers direct medical supervision and medical practices that ensure the safety of each guest. Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be wildly uncomfortable, which is why we also treat withdrawal symptoms with optimal comfort in mind. No matter what drug was abused, we offer care in our drug and alcohol detox center.

  • This vision, called the Recovery Vision, stipulates that every person, as sick as he/she may be, can embark on a journey of healing and transformation and can live a meaningful life while striving to achieve his/her maximum potential.
  • Researchers in the field of psychology have also found that one thing that brings people pleasure is finding meaning in their life (see #1).
  • While the timeline is not set in stone, you can expect various stages of your recovery.
  • There are evidence-based, medication therapies that have been found effective to alleviate the symptoms of certain mental health and substance use disorders.

However, in starting my recovery journey, I have discovered my inner strength, it was ALWAYS there. However, in 12-step programs, the term has been used in a different way. There, it is traditional for people to refer to themselves as “in recovery” no matter how long they have been abstinent from their addictive behavior and no matter how well they are doing in life. A common phrase that gets tossed around the recovery community, especially in mutual help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, is, “you’re only as sick as your secrets.”  This phrase implies that holding onto secrets brings despair; whereas releasing secrets brings healing.

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